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Saturday, March 12, 2011

DEU Push Up Corset Bra with Panties

Super popular design, Miracle body shaping suit have low stealth chest pad, breast immediately upgrade to 2 cup bigger, by pulling the sting at the suit, cleavage will appear instantly. Active selenium fabric, help 24-hour breast circulation and chest sustained fullness. Special design “U” fat diversion design, transfer fat at the abdomen to breast area. And the panty helps to lift up the butt area too. This set helps to sculpture your figure more define, with bigger breast.

Due to age and lack of bra support, most women tend to have saggy breast or breasts that have diverged to the sides.
By wearing this suit, the suit will assist to form cleavage.

The most popular design challenges six super sexy:Easy to pull, cleavage is established, the active selenium fabric
24-hour flow of breast, chest sustained fullness
No rims, no hook buckle, forming one

DEU Meifengmoting clothing effectMagic Breast, Body sculpting
Of low stealth chest pad, chest immediately upgrade two cup
Fats diversion design, the transfer of fat, Breast plastic waist
Abdomen, hip, hip line, three centimeters Alice Li
Body sculpture, a drastic change quite pull change.

Body teaches you to wear girly elegant 
1 (Through): The body sculpting by the trouser legs rolled up shirt, and slowly pulled up through to the appropriate location.
2 (Hip): The flesh of the thigh down to dial up and ask, round pretty hip line immediately apparent.
3 (Abdominal): the abdomen, pushing up the meat gently, so heal your Tripe shaping pants.
4 (Hip): determine whether the median line after hip in position, it is important to Oh.
5 (Ask): adjust and heal at the trousers, wear outside the pants will not revealed until after traces.
6 (Deduction): return
 charming waistline and graceful curves.

(A rough guide on how to choose your size)

Material: Lace 73% Nylon 17% Spandex 10% Jacquard Fabric 91% Nylon 9% Spandex Nylon 13% Spandex Lining 100% Cotton

1. Bra 1pc + Girdle 1 pc
2. Invisible Bra Straps
3. Invisible Magic Clip

1. This bra is to gather up the fat around the chest so the chest can have a natural stand
2. A unique program of tight waist, always supervise your waist curve
3. Waist-hip stretch transition at a special care, fat is a reasonable adjustment
4. Extreme pressure before the abdomen abdomen design
5. The use of three-dimensional bone invisible dividing line with the scale design, comfortable and effective to repair stomach, waist, belly line, enhance the physical beauty
6. The lower of stealth chest pad, chest immediately upgrade 2 cup, easy to pull, cleavage is established
7. Body sculpture, a pull immediately changed very great changes

How to wash
1. Wash by hand
2. Do not bleach and iron
3. Dry at shaded place, do not expose directly under sunlight
4. Clip the middle of the bra when drying
5. Place the bra inside box each time after drying

70AB,  70CD 
75AB, 75CD
80AB, 80CD
85AB, 85CD
70AB,  70CD 
75AB, 75CD
80AB, 80CD
85AB, 85CD

Girdle Sizing
70AB-70CD S ( waist
68cmhips95cm )
75AB-75CD M ( waist
74cmhips98cm )
80AB-80CD L ( waist
81cmhips102cm )
85AB-85CD XL ( waist
90cmhips115cm )

RM 99

** Poslaju West Msia RM 14/set
   Poslaju East Msia  RM 11/set


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